Can’t pass Date to NSPredicate(format: …) without “as CVarArg”

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Question or problem with Swift language programming:

Is this how I’m supposed to pass a Date to NSPredicate.init(format predicateFormat: String, arguments argList: CVaListPointer).

let endDate = Date()
NSPredicate(format: "endDate == %@", endDate as CVarArg)

It looks kinda clumsy, and I suspect I’m doing something wrong.

How to solve the problem:

Solution 1:

The %@ format expect a Foundation object as argument, compare
“Predicate Format String Syntax” in the “Predicate Programming Guide”.

Therefore you have to cast the overlay type Date back to its Foundation
counterpart NSDate:

let endDate = Date()
let pred = NSPredicate(format: "endDate == %@", endDate as NSDate)

Hope this helps!