Could not install packages due to a “Environment error :[error 13]: permission denied : ‘usr/local/bin/f2py’”


Question or issue on macOS:

I am trying to install numpy on macOS X but after executing the command pip install numpy I am getting the error:

How do I fix it?

How to solve this problem?

Solution no. 1:

This worked for me.

pip3 install --user package-name  # for Python3
pip install --user package-name   # for Python2

The --user flag tells Python to install in the user home directory. By default it will go to system locations. credit

Solution no. 2:

pip install --user package-name

Seems to work, but the package is install the the path of user. such as :


I want to install the package in python folder such c:\Python27. I install the module into the expected folder by:

pip install package-name --no-cache-dir 

Solution no. 3:

I am also a Windows user. And I have installed Python 3.7 and when I try to install any package it throws the same error that you are getting.

Try this out. This worked for me.

python -m pip install numpy

And whenever you install new package just write python -m pip install <package_name>

Hope this is helpful.

Solution no. 4:

I too had to face the same problem. This worked for me. Right click and run as admin than run usual command to install. But first run update command to update the pip

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

Solution no. 5:

Well, in my case the problem had a different cause, the Windows path Length Check this.

I was installing a library on a virtualenv which made the path get longer. As the library was installed, it created some files under site-packages. This made the path exceed Windows limit throwing this error.

Hope it helps someone =)

Solution no. 6:

I just ran the command with sudo:

sudo pip install numpy 

Bear in mind that you will be asked for the user’s password.
This was tested on macOS High Sierra (10.13)

Solution no. 7:

I had the same problem for different package. I was installing pyinstaller in conda on Mac Mojave. I did

conda create --name ai37 python=3.7 conda activate ai37 

I got the mentioned error when I tried to install pyinstaller using

pip install pyinstaller 

I was able to install the pyinstaller with the following command

conda install -c conda-forge pyinstaller 

Solution no. 8:

On Windows this has worked for me. From the command line, specify the path to the exe for Python:
& “C:/Program Files (x86)/Python37-32/python.exe” -m pip install –upgrade pip –user

Solution no. 9:

As a windows user, run an Admin powershell and launch :

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

Solution no. 10:

It is always preferred to use a virtual environment ,Create your virtual environment using :

python -m venv <name_of_virtualenv>

go to your environment directory and activate your environment using below command on windows:


then simply use

pip install package_name

Hope this helps!