Emacs + Mac OSX and changing default font


Question or issue on macOS:

how I can change default font to Monaco with antialiasing on Emacs 23. Where I can find dedicated binary for Emacs 23.1 for cocoa with antialised font settings?

How to solve this problem?

Solution no. 1:

You can set the font faces via: M-x customize-faces and type default when prompted Customize face (...): There’s an option to Save for Future Sessions which will write to your custom.el file, so the face will be set next time you run Emacs.

There are two distributions which are popular

  • Carbon Emacs (The Traditional)
  • Aquamacs (The more Mac like)

Both are excellent binary distributions.

Solution no. 2:

There is another question that deals with fonts on Emacs and Mac OS here: How do I set fonts on Emacs for Mac?

I found it easiest to add something like this to my init.el

 (set-face-attribute 'default nil
                :family "Inconsolata" :height 145 :weight 'normal)

Solution no. 3:

I grab my OS X Emacs binaries from http://atomized.org/wp-content/cocoa-emacs-nightly/.

You can find the settings for the default font in M-x customize, then once inside the customize menu, you follow this path: -> Faces -> Basic Faces -> Default .

Solution no. 4:

If you have xcode installed you can build emacs your self nothing extra needed, which uses anti aliased monaco as the default font.

Hope this helps!