how do you distribute a mac osx application without a developer account?


Question or issue on macOS:

I have a simple mac osx application I wrote just for myself in xcode5. I don’t have an mac developer account. i.e. I have not paid the $99 fee. (I do I have an iOS developer account and did pay that $99 fee.)

How can I distribute the app to run on another mac in my house? When I archive the project and click distribute it wants me to sign it with my developer key. Isn’t there a way to do this for free?

How to solve this problem?

In the left side menu there is a folder called “Products”, expand that. Right click on the app under Products and select “Show In Finder” then just copy that file.

My dev machine was osx 10.8.4 and the target machine was 10.7.5 so it didn’t work. I upgraded the target machine to 10.8.4 and it works.

Hope this helps!