How to add keychain sharing feature to App ID without device?

i0S Swift Issue

Question or problem with Swift language programming:

My problem is that I need to enable the keychain sharing feature to App ID in order to make Facebook login work for iOS10. How to use Facebook iOS SDK on iOS 10

However, I get the below message.

I have NO iPhone device. However, I do have a paid for developers account. I don’t need a provisioning profile to resolve this error, do I?

How exactly can this be resolved?

How to solve the problem:

Solution 1:

Restarting the xcode fixes the issue ! I hate you apple 🙂

Solution 2:

Go to the “general” tab and look at the “signing” section. I had been signed in at a Corporate account (which has since expired) and so had to select my correct account from the “Team” drop-down menu. Now the Team can be found in the Account.

Hope this helps!