How to identify if Swift was compiled with Optimization

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As some of you may be aware when running in fully Debug-Mode swift can be terribly slow. Is there a way i can print out a message in code or to the GUI to let me know if I somehow forgot to compile it correctly. I’m running in mixed mode so if somebody can give me Objc and Swift code that would be super awesome.


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Solution 1:

I don’t think you can detect this at runtime, but you can use the DEBUG preprocessor macro (in Objective-C) that is defined in the Debug configuration by default:

#ifdef DEBUG
NSLog(@"I'm in debug mode!");

This assumes that you don’t compile without optimizations in the Release configuration 🙂

If you want to check that in Swift, you need to define a Build Configuration by adding -D DEBUG to “Other Swift Flags” for the Debug configuration only in the Build settings. Then you can check for that configuration if #if:

println("I'm in debug mode!")

Solution 2:

You can use Xcode’s schemes to add a flag as an argument or in the environment variables – you can then check for it using NSProcessInfo – either -arguments or -environment.

In Xcode, go to Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme in the menu bar, select Run and under the Arguments tab, add either the argument or environment variable.

Hope this helps!