in Ipython notebook / Jupyter, Pandas is not displaying the graph I try to plot

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I am trying to plot some data using pandas in Ipython Notebook, and while it gives me the object, it doesn’t actually plot the graph itself. So it looks like this:

In [7]:



The graph should follow after that, but it simply doesn’t appear. I have imported matplotlib, so that’s not the problem. Is there any other module I need to import?

How to solve the problem:

Solution 1:

Note that –pylab is deprecated and has been removed from newer builds of IPython, The recommended way to enable inline plotting in the IPython Notebook is now to run:

%matplotlib inline
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

See this post from the ipython-dev mailing list for more details.

Solution 2:

Edit:Pylab has been deprecated please see the current accepted answer

Ok, It seems the answer is to start ipython notebook with –pylab=inline.
so ipython notebook –pylab=inline
This has it do what I saw earlier and what I wanted it to do.
Sorry about the vague original question.

Solution 3:

With your import matplotlib.pyplot as plt just add

and it will show all stored plots.

Solution 4:

simple after importing the matplotlib you have execute one magic if you have started the ipython as like this

ipython notebook 

%matplotlib inline 

run this command everything will be shown perfectly

Solution 5:

start ipython with ipython notebook --pylab inline ,then graph will show inline.

Hope this helps!