Install a module using pip for specific python version

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Question or problem about Python programming:

On Ubuntu 10.04 by default Python 2.6 is installed, then I have installed Python 2.7. How can I use pip install to install packages for Python 2.7.

For example:

pip install beautifulsoup4

by default installs BeautifulSoup for Python 2.6

When I do:

import bs4

in Python 2.6 it works, but in Python 2.7 it says:

No module named bs4

How to solve the problem:

Solution 1:

Use a version of pip installed against the Python instance you want to install new packages to.

In many distributions, there may be separate python2.6-pip and python2.7-pip packages, invoked with binary names such as pip-2.6 and pip-2.7. If pip is not packaged in your distribution for the desired target, you might look for a setuptools or easyinstall package, or use virtualenv (which will always include pip in a generated environment).

pip’s website includes installation instructions, if you can’t find anything within your distribution.

Solution 2:

Alternatively, since pip itself is written in python, you can just call it with the python version you want to install the package for:

python2.7 -m pip install foo

Solution 3:

You can execute pip module for a specific python version using the corresponding python:

Python 2.6:

python2.6 -m pip install beautifulsoup4

Python 2.7

python2.7 -m pip install beautifulsoup4

Solution 4:

You can use this syntax

python_version -m pip install your_package

For example. If you’re running python3.5, you named it as “python3”, and want to install numpy package

python3 -m pip install numpy

Solution 5:

In Windows, you can execute the pip module by mentioning the python version ( You need to ensure that the launcher is on your path )

py -2 -m pip install pyfora

Hope this helps!