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What’s an idiomatic way to check if an array of strings contains a value in Kotlin? Just like ruby’s #include?.

I though about:

array.filter { it == "value" }.any()

Is there a better way?

How to solve this issue?

Solution no. 1:

The equivalent you are looking for is the contains operator.


Kotlin offer an alternative infix notation for this operator:

"value" in array

It’s the same function called behind the scene, but since infix notation isn’t found in Java we could say that in is the most idiomatic way.

Solution no. 2:

You could also check if the array contains an object with some specific field to compare with using any()

listOfObjects.any{ object -> object.fieldxyz == value_to_compare_here }

Solution no. 3:

Using in operator is an idiomatic way to do that.

val contains = "a" in arrayOf("a", "b", "c")

Solution no. 4:

You can use the in operator which, in this case, calls contains:

"value" in array

Solution no. 5:

Here is code where you can find specific field in ArrayList with objects. The answer of Amar Jain helped me:

listOfObjects.any{ it.field == "value"}

Solution no. 6:

You can use it..contains(” “)

 data class Animal (val name:String)

 val animals = listOf(Animal("Lion"), Animal("Elephant"), Animal("Tiger"))

 println(animals.filter { it.name.contains("n") }.toString())

output will be

[Animal(name=Lion), Animal(name=Elephant)]

Solution no. 7:

You can use find method, that returns the first element matching the given [predicate], or null if no such element was found.
Try this code to find value in array of objects

 val findedElement = array?.find {
            it.id == value.id
 if (findedElement != null) {
 //your code here           

Hope this helps!