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After updating to Android Studio 4 I got this error:
A problem occurred configuring project ‘:app’.

My gradle:

classpath ''

How to solve this issue?

Solution no. 1:

I had the same issue. Removing all fabric references in build.gradle solved my case.

you can try to remove

apply plugin: 'io.fabric'


classpath ''

lines from your build.gradle file.

Fabrics Crashlytics deprecated. If you are using Fabric Crashlytics you can replace it with Firebase Crashlytics.

Solution no. 2:

I had the same problem, in particular with the the same stack trace as @display name (on the comments).

From there I noticed the reference to Crashlytics. And effectively that was the issue: the old, deprecated, version (from Fabric). Migrating to the new Firebase Crashlytics fixed the issue for me.

Solution no. 3:

Update in OCTOBER 2020 :
Fabric is deprecated, so remove all plugin and dependency depend on

like :

apply plugin: 'io.fabric'

classpath ''

maven {
        url ''

and after deletaion you must add :

 classpath ''

in your build gradle.

Solution no. 4:

This started happening for me when upgrading Android Studio from 4.0.2 to 4.1. Unfortunately I had to update a branch which still includes fabric, the only way I could get it working was to downgrade android studio and make the fixes and be able to make a new build.

Download old versions here:



Solution no. 5:

Please update your Gradle dependency to:

classpath ""

and in


Solution no. 6:

I am using Fabrics Crashlytics and i got the same error after updating my Android plugin for Gradle to version 4.1:

classpath ''

I need to upgrade gradle plugin to upload native debug symbols to Google play console as stated in this link.

To use Android plugin for gradle version 4.1,
your minimum gradle version needs to be version 6.5.
I used gradle version 6.5.1


Upgrading from Fabric Crashlytics to Firebase Crashlytics solved the issue for me, this could be because fabric is not compatible with the newer versions of Android plugin for gradle. For more information on how to upgrade from Fabric crashlytics to Firebase Crashlytics. Check out this link

Solution no. 7:

If you are using dependency in your project, just update to version 2.0.0-beta04 it is helped to me.

Solution no. 8:

Just remove or comment it out. it works for me.

apply plugin: 'io.fabric'


classpath ''

from both gradle file.

Solution no. 9:

On Android Studio simply open build.gradle (Project) and the IDE should suggest an update to crashlytics, accept that and the error will be gone.

Solution no. 10:

Remove all that connected with deprecated library such as fabric crashlytics etc.

Hope this helps!