Skype4Java via Scala on Mac OS


Question or issue on macOS:

I’m running Mac OS 10.6, Java 1.6_17, Scala 2.8.1 final. I’m attempting to make a simple Skype call using Skype4Java by doing the following:

$>export JAVA_OPTS=-d32

$>scala -classpath .:./skype/release/skype.jar


I’m getting the error

"invalid attempt to access memory at location 0x0 ... bus error". 

Anybody else experience this and find a solution?

Note: I’m able to use this api perfectly fine by invoking one of the samples when I run it using command line java. Attempting to execute the same sample using command line scala fails with the error above.

How to solve this problem?

Try object Test { def main(args:Array[String]) { … } }

Hope this helps!