How to get syntax highlighting on Kivy, .kv, file in Pycharm on OSX?

Question or issue on macOS: What are the steps needed to get syntax highlighting on .kv files in PyCharm on OSX? How to solve this problem? The import settings for PyCharm can be found here: KV Lang File Type Support Download this file On Pycharm’s main menu, click “File”-> “Import” (or Import Settings) Select […]

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Python is a powerful general-purpose programming language.

How do you plot a vertical line on a time series plot in Pandas?

Question or problem about Python programming: How to solve the problem: Solution 1: plt.axvline(x_position) It takes the standard plot formatting options (linestlye, color, ect) (doc) If you have a reference to your axes object: ax.axvline(x, color=’k’, linestyle=’–‘) Solution 2: If you have a time-axis, and you have Pandas imported as pd, you can use: ax.axvline(pd.to_datetime(‘2015-11-01’), […]

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