Top 10 Project Collaboration Software


If you are a project manager or a designer looking for a new tool and have no idea which one would be a good fit, then you’re in the right place. Here is a list of the top 10 project collaboration tools to point you in the right direction.

Project management tools


Trello is currently one of the most popular collaboration management apps. It allows team members to create and distribute projects, as well as categorize items through the platform in a very simple manner. It also allows you to track the progress of a project at any time. If you have ever searched for project collaboration tools in Google, you’ve come across Trello for sure.

In addition, Trello’s interface is user-friendly. All of your team tasks are displayed using cards. Each column represents different parts of a project, and you can organize different tasks according to your needs. There is no doubt that Trello enables team members to work together effectively.

  • Platform: Web, iOS, Android
  • Integration: GitHub, Google Drive, Slack, etc.
  • Features: Create task lists, clear and friendly user interface, flexible management mode


Asana is one of the leading project collaboration management tools today. It integrates email, office documents, and communication. Through this platform, you can organize all your projects in a list or board. You can create tasks directly and invite team members to join a project. To ensure that a project progresses as desired, you can set deadlines and further emphasize urgency.

Moreover, everyone can make a comment directly below a task, which facilitates communication between team members in real-time.

  • Platform: Web, iOS, Android
  • Integration: Slack, Dropbox, Github, etc.
  • Features: Project priority set, to-do list, more than 100 integrations


Wrike is an award-winning online project collaboration management platform which helps team members get involved in every project. They are able to collaborate, plan, and get work done faster. With Wrike, you can manage and track your team’s projects easily. Likewise, Wrike supports real-time editing, so it allows you to view real-time reports and the status for all of your team’s projects at any time.

  • Platform: Web, iOS, Android
  • Integration: Jira, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Zapier, Salesforce, etc.
  • Features: Real-time editing, customized dashboards, document sharing, version control, easy-to-use workspace

Design collaboration tools

Mockplus iDoc

Mockplus iDoc is a powerful project design collaboration tool for designers and developers. Its strength lies in creating a connected online space for product teams. It excels at facilitating designer-developer collaboration. Mockplus automatically creates a ‘dev-friendly’ view of your design files, capturing CSS styles, fonts, colors, and slices. In short, it gives developers exactly what they need to get cracking on bringing your designs to life. There are also useful additional features such as version history and more.

Platform: Web, iOS, Android

Plugin: PS, Sketch, Adobe XD


  • Export designs in one click from Sketch, Adobe XD, and Photoshop
  • Generate accurate specs, assets, and code snippets automatically
  • Show design tasks and workflow in full-view storyboard
  • Comment right on designs to give instant feedback
  • Build hi-fi interactive prototypes with real design files
  • Support uploading of various types of product documents and preview online

Download the plugin to start your collaborative journey:

  • PS plugin
  • Sketch plugin
  • Adobe XD plugin


Invision is an efficient prototyping collaboration tool which allows designers to create prototypes easier.You can upload your designs, create actions, and receive feedback seamlessly from your colleagues and clients via this platform.

  • Platform: Web, iOS, Android
  • Plugins: PS, Slack, etc.
  • Features: High fidelity prototype, online review

Team communication collaboration tools


Yammer is a social networking platform launched in September 2008. It brings small, mid-sized, and large teams together and helps companies boost collaboration. What makes Yammer unique is that it can only be accessed with a working email registered in the company’s domain, ensuring privacy.

Yammer helps you establish a community where people can interact with each other based on their interests and collect ideas and opinions from the entire network of colleagues.

  • Platform: Web, iOS, Android
  • Features: File sharing, online communication


Slack is a powerful collaboration tool for all your communication, offering real-time communication, file sharing, archiving, and search functions between team members. Anyone can tag anybody in Slack; and when you tag someone, they will receive a message that notifies them that they have been tagged. You can create multiple channels for different categories or departments such as UX design, web development, project management, etc. This feature makes Slack invaluable as it adds a level of organization and makes it possible for team members to filter out noise.

More importantly, Slack provides powerful integrations such as email, SMS, Google Drive, Twitter, Trello, Asana, GitHub, etc.

  • Platform: Web, iOS, Android
  • Features: File sharing, online communication, friendly user interface, powerful integrations

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a free instant messaging app which enables you to chat and talk to your colleagues anytime, anywhere. It also allows you to gather your team for group meetings via your Google account.

Hangouts has the advantage of simplicity. On top of its user-friendliness, Hangouts is accessible to practically anyone, what with Gmail being as ubiquitous as it is.

  • Platform: Web, iOS, Android
  • Features: Simple, free, multi-person calls

Document collaboration tools

Google Docs

Google Docs is a powerful online collaborative office tool which allows you to create, edit, and collaborate on documents anytime, anywhere — and for free. On Google Docs, multiple people can edit the same document online at the same time, with changes being automatically saved as you make them. Users can also add comments and tag relevant team members.

What’s more, there are hundreds of fonts you can choose from, and you can add links, images, and drawings, etc.


Quip is also a document processing tool for team collaboration, allowing multiple people to edit documents at the same time. Unlike other products, Quip supports instant messaging. If you encounter any problems in the process of collaboration, you can directly communicate with other team members. Quip enables users to get their work done faster by reducing email and meetings, thus greatly improving team efficiency.