Unable to access index of tabBar item using swift

i0S Swift Issue

Question or problem in the Swift programming language:

Environment: xcode 6GM, Language Swift.
I was setting image color of a tabBar item using this code in xcode 6 beta2

var cameraTab : UITabBarItem = self.tabBar.items[1] as UITabBarItem

But now in xcode 6GM it is giving error.
Error: [AnyObject]? does not have a member named ‘subscript’

How to solve the problem:

Solution 1:

items is Optional – you can do:

   if let items = self.tabBar.items {


  var cameraTab : UITabBarItem = self.tabBar.items![1] as UITabBarItem

Solution 2:

items property is optional for tabBar. Try optional chaining:

var cameraTab : UITabBarItem = self.tabBar.items?[1] as UITabBarItem

Hope this helps!