What’s the equivalent of CAGradientLayer in swift?

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Question or problem in the Swift programming language:

I’m trying to port over some objective-C code that creates a gradient layer

CAGradientLayer *gradientLayer = [CAGradientLayer layer];
gradientLayer.colors = colors;
gradientLayer.locations = locations;
gradientLayer.frame = view.bounds;

[view.layer insertSublayer:gradientLayer atIndex:index];

However in Swift, CAGradientLayer does not seem to have a static ‘layer’ method or a constructor. Trying to use it as a type produces:

let a:CAGradientLayer? = null

As far as I can tell, CAGradientLayer is not a module I can import. What’s the correct way of doing a gradient layer in Swift?

How to solve the problem:

You need to import QuartzCore first:

import QuartzCore

let a:CAGradientLayer = CAGradientLayer()

Hope this helps!