Cannot convert value of type ‘subSequence’ (aka ‘String.CharacterView’) to type ‘String’ in collection

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Question or problem with Swift language programming:

I build a webservis that requesting image url from the database. And I want to show it on the swift. But I’m gettig this error on the var photo line:

let requestResponse = self.sendToServer(postUrl: "localhost",data:"abc")

let Seperated = requestResponse.characters.split(separator: " ")

var photo = Seperated[0] as String

let imageURL = URL(string: photo)
if let imageData = try? Data(contentsOf: imageURL!) {

How to solve the problem:

Solution 1:

Consider something like this:

let requestResponse = "some string"
let separated = requestResponse.characters.split(separator: " ")

if let some = separated.first {
    let value = String(some)

    // Output: "some"

Solution 2:

The easiest solution.

let Seperated = requestResponse.characters.split(separator: " ").map { String($0) }

Solution 3:

If swift 4 you use like this:

let separated = requestResponse.split(separator: " ")
var photo = String(separated.first ?? "")

Solution 4:

An approach to obtain strings from splitting a string using high order functions:

let splitStringArray = requestResponse.split(separator: " ").map({ (substring) in
    return String(substring)

Solution 5:

split returns a list of Substrings, so we have to map (convert) them to Strings. To do that you can just pass the Substring to the Strings init function:

let separated = requestResponse.characters.split(separator: " ").map(String.init)

Hope this helps!