CTCallCenter is deprecated. What is the alternative?

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I am using CTCallCenter in my project. Now it’s deprecated, I would like to know what are alternatives? How to get the event for the voice call?

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This is poorly documented, but I’ve found this mention in CTCallCenter public header files:

“Replaced by

So, from iOS 10 you should use CXCallObserver class of new CallKit framework to retrieve info about active calls:

CXCallObserver *callObserver = [[CXCallObserver alloc] init];

Provide object, conforming to CXCallObserverDelegate protocol and queue, on which you want to perform delegate callbacks:

// If queue is nil, then callbacks will be performed on main queue
[callObserver setDelegate:self queue:nil];
// Don't forget to store reference to callObserver, to prevent it from being released
self.callObserver = callObserver;

and implement the following method on your delegate object:

- (void)callObserver:(CXCallObserver *)callObserver callChanged:(CXCall *)call {
    if (call.hasConnected) {
        // perform necessary actions

For more information, you can check:

Hope this helps!