How do I find an appropriate position for my labels on a pie chart?

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I am not using any libraries so this is not a duplicate of this.

I am drawing the pie sections myself like this:

var sections: [PieChartSection] = [] {
    didSet {

override func draw(_ rect: CGRect) {
    let sumOfSections = { $0.value }.reduce(0, +)
    var pathStart = CGFloat.pi
    let smallerDimension = min(height, width)
    for section in sections {
        // draw section
        let percentage = section.value / sumOfSections
        let pathEnd = pathStart + CGFloat.pi * percentage.f * 2
        let path = UIBezierPath(arcCenter: CGPoint(x: bounds.midX, y: bounds.midY),
                                radius: smallerDimension / 4, startAngle: pathStart, endAngle: pathEnd, clockwise: true)

        //draw labels
        // this is my attempt at calculating the position of the labels
        let midAngle = (pathStart + pathEnd) / 2
        let textX = bounds.midX + smallerDimension * 3 / 8 * cos(midAngle)
        let textY = bounds.midY + smallerDimension * 3 / 8 * sin(midAngle)

        // creating the text to be shown, don't this is relevant
        let attributedString = NSMutableAttributedString(string:, attributes: [
            .font: UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 9)
        let formatter = NumberFormatter()
        formatter.maximumFractionDigits = 0
        let percentageString = "\n" + formatter.string(from: (percentage * 100) as NSNumber)! + "%"
        attributedString.append(NSAttributedString(string: percentageString, attributes: [
            .font: UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 12)
        attributedString.draw(at: CGPoint(x: textX, y: textY))

        // stroke path
        path.lineWidth = 6
        pathStart = pathEnd

And a PieChartSection is a simple struct:

struct PieChartSection {
    let value: Double
    let color: UIColor
    let name: String

The pie looks good, but the labels are sometimes far away from the pie and sometimes very close to it:

I think the problem is that NSAttriutedString.draw always draws the text from the top left corner, meaning that the top left corners of the text are all equal-distance to the pie, whereas I need to draw the text so that their closest points to the pie are all equal-distance to the pie.

How can I draw text like that?

I am not using a cocoa pod because I find it very hard to make the chart the way I want using a high-level API. There is simply too much complexity involved. I want lower-level control over how my pie chart is drawn.

How to solve the problem:

I think the problem is that NSAttriutedString.draw always draws the text from the top left corner

Sure, the draw method will place origin of the string right in the point you pass. In this case solution is simple – find the size of string and make correct origin.

let size = attributedString.size() let origin = CGPoint(x: textX - size.width / 2, y: textY - size.height / 2) attributedString.draw(at: origin) 


enter image description here

Hope this helps!