Is there a possibility to execute a Python script while being in interactive mode

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Question or problem about Python programming:

Normally you can execute a Python script for example: python, but if you are in the interactive mode, how is it possible to execute a Python script on the filesystem?

>>> exec(File) ???

It should be possible to execute the script more than one time.

How to solve the problem:

Solution 1:

Use execfile(‘’) but it only work on python 2.x, if you are using 3.0 try this

Solution 2:

import file without the .py extension will do it, however __name__ will not be "__main__" so if the script does any checks to see if it’s being run interactively you’ll need to bypass them.

Alternately, if you’re wanting to have a look at the environment after the script runs try python -i

EDIT: To load it again

file = reload(file)

Solution 3:

You might want to look into IPython, a more powerful interactive shell. It has various “magic” commands including %run (which, of course, runs the script and leaves any variables it defined for you to examine).

Solution 4:

You can also use the subprocess module. Something like:

>>> import subprocess
>>> proc = subprocess.Popen(['./'])
>>> proc.communicate()

Solution 5:

You can run any system command using python:

>>>from subprocess import Popen
>>>Popen("python", shell=True)

Solution 6:

The easiest way to do it is to use the os module:

import os


In fact os.system('cmd') to run shell commands. Hope it will be enough.

Hope this helps!