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How do you check the login tokens for all running jupyter notebook instances?

Example: you have a notebook running in tmux or screen permanently, and login in remotely through ssh. Sometimes, particularly if you’re logging in after a long time, the token is requested again in order to access the notebook session. How do you get hold of the token without having to kill and restart the notebook session with a new token?

How to solve the problem:

Solution 1:


You can now just run jupyter notebook list in the terminal to get the running jupyter sessions with tokens.

enter image description here

Take care that you are within the right environment (conda, virtualenv etc.) otherwise the sessions will list without the associated tokens. Eg: The above reference screenshot is from the conda environment.

Old answer:

Run ipython and enter the following:

> ipython
[1] : system("jupyter" "notebook" "list")
['Currently running servers:','http://localhost:8895/token=067470c5ddsadc54153ghfjd817d15b5d5f5341e56b0dsad78a :: /u/user/dir']

If the notebook is running on a remote server, you will have to login in to that server first before running ipython.

Solution 2:

One easy solution (that can save you time by avoiding opening a new terminal) is from the same terminal you are running the notebook to hit (ONLY ONCE!! – cause twice would kill the running server)

Ctrl + C  

By doing that the full link to your notebook will appear (along with the token!) and a prompt asking you to confirm shutting down. Just answer no (n and enter) or do nothing and after 5 seconds the operation will resume. In the meanwhile you would have been able to retrieve the link and/or the token you need.

Solution 3:

Just right click on the jupyter notebook logo in the currently running server, you probably have a server running already, then click on copy link, then paste the link in a text editor, maybe MS word, you will see the token in the link, copy and paste where token is required. It will work.

Solution 4:

For running python code in jupyter notebook…we need token id which we can obtain from the terminal by just typing jupyter notebook provided your path has been configured… If not then set your path right first.


Hope this helps!