Is there any guide to submit catalyst app?

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We have created new app which support iphone, ipad and mac catalyst from xcode 11. We have also create apple distribution profile to upload binary. But at submission time apple says that beta binaries are not supported. I have used xcode 11 and if i will de select mac then i can submit build.

In developer apple i havent seen any guide on uploading mac catalyst apps. Anyone please help me out on this?

How to solve the problem:

In order to upload apps converted with Catalyst to App Store,

you’ll need to create a new Mac OS app entry in App Store Connect.
Simply click on the ‘Plus’ icon in AppStoreConnect, click on new MacOS

In the existing App Store app page, click on the plus icon “VERSION OR PLATFORM”, and select Mac OS.

Your Mac Catalyst app shares the same bundle ID as your iOS app. In your Xcode organizer, one of them shows in the iOS section and one in the macOS app section. Uploads from Xcode should automatically go into the same app record on App Store Connect.

You can then finish the details (Mac app screenshots, descriptions, etc.) in the app page and submit it for review.

There will be one apps displayed in your AppStoreConnect and 2 platforms in it, one for the iOS and one for the macOS.

Hope this helps!