SSH2 for PHP7 MacOS?


Question or issue on macOS:

When trying to use


PHP 7.1.7 thinks Im looking for a function in the class. After some reading, I found that SSH2 needs to be installed from PECL
( )

When I went to do that, I got the following error:

pecl/ssh2 requires PHP (version >= 4.0.0, version <= 6.0.0), installed version is 7.1.7
No valid packages found
install failed

Anyone have any ideas on how to get this to run on MacOs 10.13.3 (17D47) with PHP 7.1.7?
Thanks in advance!

How to solve this problem?

Solution no. 1:

I finally found a solution on MacOS Mohave. I have PHP 7.3 installed by Homebrew:

brew install php
brew install libssh2

Install development version of ssh2 pecl extension from the latest sources:

cd ~/Downloads
git clone
cd ssh2
make install

Enable extension in php.ini. You can use TextEdit:

open -e /usr/local/etc/php/7.3/php.ini

Add extension="" to the beginning of the file and save.

Test the result:

php -i | grep libssh2

You should see

libssh2 version => 1.9.0

Solution no. 2:

I managed to install php-ssh2 on MacOS High Sierra.

First I had to install libssh2, in order for PECL to compile the extension.

I used brew, however most likely libssh2 is available from mac ports also.

brew install libssh2

and then

pecl install ssh2-1.1.2

I have the Xcode command line tools (already) installed - which I assume was needed to compile the extension.

Solution no. 3:

Try this:

pecl install ssh2-1.1.2

You can see available versions for ssh2 HERE

For those using alpine linux, make sure to add libssh2-dev first:

apk --update add libssh2-dev

Solution no. 4:

On macOS Big Sur:

brew install libssh2
pecl install ssh2-1.2

Hope this helps!