What is the keyboard shortcut to go to a file in Eclipse on Mac OS X?


Question or issue on macOS:

What is the name of the command (or a keyboard shortcut) for jumping to a file in Eclipse? I’ve seen Ctrl+Shift+R, but neither this nor Cmd+Shift+R work on Mac.

How to solve this problem?

Solution no. 1:

It’s called “Open Resource”. It’s under category ‘Navigate’ when “In Windows” for my binding.

Solution no. 2:

CMD+SHIFT+r should work on the Mac

Solution no. 3:

Other nifty shortcuts are listed here:


With Ctrl-Shift-R (jump to file) and Ctrl-T (pop-up type hierarchy) I can happily spend most of my time with only the Editor view showing. You might have to modify them a bit for Mac.

Solution no. 4:

Browsing directly from Preferences->Keys, the combination is CMD+Shift+R

Solution no. 5:

How to open file in eclipse shot cut way
Ans. ctrl+shift+T
to open file in eclipse

Solution no. 6:

As Amir pointed out CMD + Shift + R should work. If you are looking to not just see the code, but see where the code is in the project, you’ll want to make sure your Project Explorer has Link with Editor enabled. Which is at the top right of the Project Explorer tab.

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Hope this helps!